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“Sweetly, Sweetly”,
For the House; Against the House:
Desire is Dead

- Singapore Art Week 2023
OH! OpenHouse, Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore
Behind-the-scenes and more about the work.

“A Souvenir”,
Can Everybody See My Screen?,
Singapore Art Museum (SAM), Singapore.
More here!


“Smile Till The Tears Run Down”
The Orchid The Wasp  Show
Singapore Art Week 2021

“Everything Counts In Large Amounts”
Labour Day for Singapore Calander - OH! Open House, Singapore

“同一个月Under The Same Moon”
Clap Trap
Lasalle MA Work-In-Progress Show 2017, Singapore

“There Was Something To Believe In”
bit rot
Lasalle MA Gradutation Show 2018, Singapore

“Dear FWB...”
OH! Open House - Holland Village, Singapore

“May It Be. With Purpose And Desire”
Chobi Mela IX
International Festival of Photography Bangladesh 2017

“Year 0”, “Forever Is a Long Time”, “With Somemore Like You”, “Drinking Lovers Spit”
The Two of Them
A.i.R. at DECK, Singapore

“Rosalin”,  “Johnny” and “Sad Sad...”
Repurposing Nostalgia
Petain Road, Singapore

“What My Pussy Loves”
Singapore International Photography Festival 2014

“May It Be. With Purpose And Desire.”
Making Oneself
Noorderlicht 2015,
Groningen, The Netherlands

“What My Pussy Loves”
2902 Gallery, Singapore

“What My Pussy Loves”
Warsaw Photo Says 2013, Poland

“The Innocence Project”
Chan Hampes Galleries, Singapore

“Sad Sad...”
Chan Hampes Galleries, Singapore