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Waiting For Your Txt Back (WFYTB): Trails & tribulations of an arts freelancer
A project supported by NAC’s SEP Grant, which I produced, organised and participated as one of the artists.
Drawing inspiration from the Ouroboros, the mythical serpent locked in a perpetual cycle of consuming its own tail, this project explores the challenges that come with being art freelancers and art collaborations.
The project comprises three main components: an art book, a physical exhibition and an online showcase. Every component has something different to offer. What’s “different”? And what stories might we unveil from our shared experiences?

Check out WFYTB website (19 March 2022 launch)

Mediating Sessions with I_S_L_A_N_D_S
Watch my video interview with thesupersystem for
The Orchid, The Wasp exhibition (Singapore Art Week 2021).
The interview was mediated by producer, Racy Lim and
curator, Zulkhairi Zulkiflee / Sikap Projects ( behind camera).

We shared the motivations to our featured artworks
and spoke about the significance of ❤ Love ❤ Languages
in relation to our creative labour.
For the full interview.