Year 0

Photo prints (various sizes), LED lightboxes, salt, engagement ring, long plinth
Romantic affairs have been a common trope in television, cinema and literature, and very much in my practice and research. Through photographic imagery and mobile phone text messages, the series depicts a romantic tryst between the artist and a married man, which mimicked scenes from a private investigation of a torrid affair. 

What looks like recorded dialogues from text-messaging resemble excerpts from a film script. The key characters are kept anonymous, allowing the viewer to conjure up assumptions of the possible situation and outcome. Small questions regarding honesty, betrayal and blind passion are scattered throughout the work. The unwitting viewer becomes a voyeur into the liaisons of what may seem like a romantic affair. The framing of the artwork thus positions the viewer to ponder on the issues of morality and obligations. Especially when love is such a highly subjective and complex matter, the work poses questions on the paradoxes that motivate people.